BMSS Radio Presents: Accessing Universal Consciousness With Aage Nost Episode 2

Episode 2: Join host Michelle Walling as she continues her conversation with author and radio show host Aage Nost as they continue their discussion on the quest for tapping into Universal Consciounsess.

Topics for this show include:

-How to develop a “Master-Mind” and by using the Master-Mind Principle- people, families, businesses, and groups of people can multiply the effectiveness of their Mind and thinking processes.

-The Science behind Ascension

-How to develop stronger Psychic Abilities.

-What is the Soul, the Astral body, and Mental body?

-ET topics- is Planet X really a spaceship? Are the Annunaki returning, and if so what will they be accomplishing?

What is the moon, really?

Where do we go when we are dreaming?

Episode 1 can be found here.

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