BMSS Radio Presents Fernando Vossa- Conscious Creation and Free Energy

Join host Michelle Walling as she speaks with Fernando Vossa about Conscious Creation and Free Energy.

Fernando wears many multidimensional hats and shares what his current projects and inventions are.

Michelle and Fernando also discuss the metaphysical and esoteric side of Searle Magnetics’ free energy device and Fernando leads a meditation to help manifest free energy solutions in the world.

Fernando Vossa discusses his foundation of Engines of Mass Creation as a paradigm for the deployment of Free Energy technologies, Healing Solutions, and a Cosmic Awareness of our Galactic neighbors. It is time to unfold the conscious economy and the type of technology transfer based on Love and Compassion!

We also talked about the indigo, crystal, rainbow, and starseed children and how we can nurture their gifts and abilities at this time!

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