Carol Hall and Ed Russell

Carol Hall

Carol Hall is a Holistic Health Registered Nurse, Multidimensional Spiritual Healer  & Sound Alchemist.  She has an innate passion to help others open more fully to their highest potentials.

Carol specializes in Ascension key code activations via Language of Light transmissions from the celestial & Galactic realms.  She creates one-of-a-kind crystal grid therapy delivered in group workshops & private sessions.  Carol is also an Energy Medicine  practitioner & offers John of God Crystal Bed therapy. 

She believes we, as a planet, have every right to become the true change we wish to see in the world.   The Golden Age is upon us and now is a magical time to create, manifest and awaken to the power within. 

Ed Russell

Edward Russell has played musical instruments since childhood. Beginning in 2009, his love of sound carried him to work with singing bowls and Gongs. Because of his studies in energy practices and as a Reiki Master, he is attuned to subtle energies and sound frequencies. Playing from the heart and with intention is the foundation of his work. His sessions prove particularly beneficial in allowing people to respond to their own inner rhythms.

Carol Hall & Ed Russell will set the tone for a sacred sound meditative journey.

Sound therapy is a powerful healing modality deeply resonating with the cells & organs of your body for the relief of pain, stress, & symptoms of DIS-Ease. 

Multiple Gongs, Lap Harp, Crystal Bowls & Crystal Pyramids, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoo, Shruti Box, Chimes & Hand Pan Drum are woven thru the sound healing event.

 Carol will briefly sing Light Language channeled from the Celestial & Angelic realms to anchor higher consciousness specific for those in attendance.

 Come be immersed in the texture  & creation of organic sound!


An Open Heart!, pillow, yoga mat or blankets to lie on.  Chairs will be available for those who aren’t  comfortable lying on the floor.  Wear loose clothing.  Being relaxed, comfortable & hydrated is key to absorbing the sound frequencies.