Cosmic Awakening Show- Alien Relationship Interference With Eve Lorgen

Host Michelle Walling speaks with author Eve Lorgen about how to identify and clear alien relationship interference. Eve Lorgen is a dedicated counseling professional, UFO/alien abduction researcher, Anusara yogi and writer.

We talk about these subjects and more:

How to recognize alien interference and anomalous trauma

Has your partner suddenly changed moods or seem that they just aren’t themselves?

Is it possible to have negative synchronicities in your life?

What are the reasons for choosing a particular person over another in alien abduction?

What can you do about alien sex interference with a partner?

Michelle and Eve discuss their personal experiences with transmuting negative energies and the ongoing healing process. We also dig into the current cosmic battle and how things are coming to a head- “as above, so below”.

For more information about Eve Lorgen and her books “Love Bite. Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships” and “The Dark Side of Cupid”, visit her website

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