Cosmic Awakening Show Presents Magick, The Biblical Flood, and NDE’s

Host Michelle Walling interviews Scott and Michelle Maurer as a follow up to the Alchemy, Atlantis, and Galactic Model show from May 7, 2015, which can be found here. This is a special scheduled broadcast to talk about the topics that we did not get to on the first show.

Topics Include:

-Where did the water come from that caused the Biblical Flood and why did it happen? Could the “fall” been caused by “laggard souls” we accepted from Mars?

-Michelle Maurer will discuss her five near death experiences (NDE’s) and the effect it has had on her path in this lifetime

-Are we casting spells every day without realizing it?

-The Flat Earth Theory- truth or distraction?

-More about the “involution” of mankind and ascension

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