Cosmic Awakening Show- Q&A With Michelle Walling

Join host Michelle Walling for a Q&A in the following subjects:

Why Starseeds have awakened first.

New Age Healing Deceptions: How healing methods of the past are no longer effective and what to do instead. Why we do not need a guru or savior.

Implants: Why neutralizing implants is so important right now and what you can do to remove them yourself.

Possessions: How to rid yourself of negative entity attachments

Healing your soul fragments: how to visualize and intend to make yourself whole again

Galactic superwaves: Now that “Wave X” energies are gone, what is it that is happening to us? Learn about the biggest superwave yet to come and how it will shift the earth.

How to be an Earth human ambassador when humanity takes over possession of the planet.

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