Cosmic Awakening Show: Transformational Frequencies Are Rapidly Increasing!

Michelle Waling hosts a Q&A and meditation about the wonderful transformational frequencies that are bombarding the planet and how we can best integrate these energies. Where are the waves of energy coming from and why? Why do I feel sleepy, sick, anxious or conversely why can’t I sleep and why do I have so much energy? Do you feel like a Mack Truck has hit you or do you feel like you are surfing atop the waves of change? Have your dreams become more intense and vivid?

The preface to this show is the article Michelle wrote on called Transformational Frequencies Are Rapidly Increasing! 
Radio show hosts Gregg Prescott, Lance White, and Missy Hill will called in. Michelle will wraps up the show with a group meditation of intention that guided people how to take in these energies and work with them to serve humanity’s best interest. This format can be used again in future small group gatherings, and can be used even as you listen to the recording, because Michelle holds the space for the intention in “no time”.

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