In5d Network Episode 18 Update With Star Traveler Elena Kapulnik

In5d’s Michelle Walling catches up with Elena Kapulnik of Awakening Cosmic Reality Show on current events, including:
-Ray Kusalandich saying we will be picked up in September
-Planet X/Planet 9 and Nibiru
-Crystalline Cities
-The recent Keshe debate
-Earth as a living library template
-A personal saucer as a recreational video
-Is the Earth flat?
-Replicators and life on biospheres
-Gay and bisexual humans
-Complete disclosure of extraterrestrial life
-Chemtrail flu- how to overcome it
-Elena’s recent trip to the Canadian hospital
-Declaring your sovereignty and intentions for Earth
-Corey Goode and the Secret Space Program
-Michelle’s trip to Finland, London, and Paris in May
-Growing plants with crystal fragments in the soil

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