Interdimensional Beings With Derrick Faust- Cosmic Awakening Show

Host Michelle Walling speaks with contactee Derrick Faust about his experience after attending Rob Potter’s conference in Mt. Shasta. Derrick attended a UFO sighting in the evening hosted by James Gilliland, and his whole life changed after that. For almost a month following that, he had interaction with various interdimensional light beings and caught is on camera.

Michelle discusses her first contact that occurred this year while speaking at a conference in Finland, and how it has changed her life.

They wrap up the show with tips to prepare for first contact as well as what practices each one of them has for diet, meditation, and helping other beings be transmuted back to the light or helped out of the astral.

Derrick’s video is embedded, where I introduce it around the 20 minute mark, but here is the link:

Here is the link to a Spaced Out Radio Interview that we mentioned.

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