Katya Turner

Website: Indigodiaries.com

Katya Turner is an intuitive empath, starseed activator, author and teacher. She was born very psychic and tuned in very unconscious USSR and with time learned to suppress her gifts and abilities, as they were setting her apart as different, weird, broken. For the sake of love and acceptance she dove deep into the world of ego, achievement and illusion, to be awakened in 2012 with a string of intense unexplainable experiences.

When her Ascension process kicked in hard in 2015, it was so intense she was determined to share her breakthroughs and insight with others. This is how Indigo Diaries was born – first a trilogy about her life as an indigo, and later a thriving blog where she shares what she learns along the path of awakening, and channeled guidance from her guides and other multidimensional friends.

She also conducts one-on-one intuitive sessions, that are powerful transmissions form clients’ Higher Selves and light teams. They are not only a deep well of beautiful insight, from which Katya learns as well, but also powerful energetic transmissions, activating clients’ in places designed by their higher counterparts.

She also hosts a series of live calls called Purpose Calls which are designed to help people find their purpose even from the darkest places, bust through blocks and fears that are holding them back from sharing the pure love that they are with the world and navigate the ever changing and flowing landscape of one’s divine purpose on personal, technical, branding, marketing and other levels.

While a teacher, she is more so a student along with everybody awakening, who is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and breakthroughs, her stories and lessons, in hopes to be your friend through this intense but beautiful process that is Ascension into your True Self.