Quantum Healing 5d And Beyond Conference Part 3- Heather Shea

Michelle Walling and Candace Craw-Goldman hosted the Quantum Healing 5d and Beyond Conference Day 2 (October 7, 2017) in Sarasota, Florida.

Part 3 of the conference included speaker Heather Alice Shea.

Heather is an intuitive guide and visionary, business development mentor, High Vibe Coaching Academy creator, and go-to-non-guru for all things intuitive.
Heather’s website is here: http://www.heatheraliceshea.com

The conference information can be found here: http://cosmicawakeningshow.com/quantum-healing-beyond-5d-conference/

Find a quantum healing practitioner or become a part of the team here: http://QuantumHealingPractitioners.com